More than just fleet, 
some think on their feet*

All robots operate in similar ways: they sense, plan and act. Using the input from its sensors, a robot processes the information using its software, and initiates an action or completes a job. To grow smarter, robots will need to be creative, learning from new situations and making unexpected connections.
* May or may not have actual feet.

Smarts Robots

Meet robots that have been developed with these kinds of smarts. Experience a simulation of the Self-Driving Car and how its LiDAR unit reads the surroundings on a city street. Watch robot arms that program themselves after you teach them the moves, and learn how IBM's Watson has gone from winning on Jeopardy to assisting doctors with medical research.

See Robot Revolution Now!

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry

March 17, 2018 to September 3, 2018